Supporting the Arts

    “the world is but a canvas to our imagination…” (Henry David Thoreau)

    Tracing back to the owner’s grandfather Giuseppe Montagnese who was a humble artist in Italy in the 1900s, the arts have always been at the core of The Melita. Giuseppe was gifted but he lived the life of a struggling artist trying to get noticed. He was however given the opportunity to display his work in some of Rome’s magnificent churches which launched his career. The Melita now aims to give that opportunity to other talented artists.

    Aside from the beautifully designed Regency townhouses within which the hotel is situated, The Melita now strives to display and promote talented members of the artistic community from all over the world.

    Since London is such an eclectic mix of international people, the goal is to help as many talented artists from different cultural backgrounds and influences as possible. As a non-profit initiative, artists create pieces in different styles under the common theme of The Melita. We then organise and pay for the artwork to be professionally framed, to show it in its best light.

    When it’s ready, we display their work online via Instagram to our thousands of followers, and also across the hotel to our guests, to give them extensive exposure.

    100% of all profits made by work sold via the hotel goes to the artists, unlike greedy commercial art galleries who take excessive fees (often up to 50% commission) .

    As far as we are aware, we are the only hotel in England (and probably anywhere in the world) that runs such an all encompassing non-profit artistic initiative.

    We currently have artists particpating from: London, Somerset, Hampshire, Dublin, Madrid, Paris, Brittany, Ibiza, Brescia, Avellino, Macerata, Copenhagen, Vienna, Kiev, Moscow, St Petersburg, Vladimir, Istanbul, Bangalore, Abuya, Lagos, New York, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Toronto, Melbourne, Sekayu, Seoul, Tokyo, Jakarta and Mauritius, amongst many others.

    If YOU are an artist who might be interested in participating in this programme, please draw/paint something inspired by the hotel, and then send the original to us by post along with a high quality digital scan to our email  here with #MelitaSupportingTheArts and your name in the subject line.

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.