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Why Staying At A Family-Run Hotel Like The Melita Is Better


You’re looking forward to a lovely adventure in London. You’ve packed all your favourite clothes, can’t wait to hit SoHo, and its time to book your hotel. There’s so many options, it can be a bit confusing at first.

Should you choose one of London’s chain hotels, or go with something a bit more personal?

At the Melita, we think staying at a family-run hotel like ours is far better. Our family-run hotel offers a true London experience unlike any other. Friendly staff, an uncomplicated check-in process, and even a full English breakfast each morning makes this an enchanting place to call home while you’re on a fun excursion.

These fantastic reasons are pretty compelling, but there is a long list of other good reasons to stay at a family-run hotel instead. We’ve set out to convince you in this fun list.


Focused on What’s Important

As an independent hotel, The Melita has made a conscious choice to focus on what’s most important, rather than creating a situation where you’re barraged with options, bells, and whistles. Sure, you won’t find an Olympic-sized swimming pool or hair salon here; but in many cases, our guests tell us that’s not what they’re after, anyway.

What you will find here is a friendly, family-like atmosphere. That means clean, comfortable beds with crisp sheets and soft blankets, a sparkling-clean bathroom, and a variety of room sizes to suit nearly every need. Whether you’re a family of four, or you’re getting married and wish to book out all of our rooms at once, we can make it work.

But don’t take that to mean an independent hotel like us qualifies as basic; nothing could be further from the truth. The Melita is special, and unlike any other hotel in London in many ways.

Because we’re independent, we have the freedom to stay committed to local artists all throughout England; that’s why you’ll find prints and paintings on commission all throughout the hotel.  Our independent status also gives us the freedom to forge connections as we see fit, rather than to someone else’s prescribed requirements.

The Melita Hotel London

Customised Service Options

One of the biggest downsides of chain hotels is that there often isn’t very much wiggle room for customisation. Options are presented like a menu, and you simply choose from that menu. In some special situations, this may make it very difficult to customise an experience that truly fits. Sometimes, guests can get a bit lost in that shuffle, and end up feeling more like a number than like the individuals they really are.

The problem is that making changes to the services provided by a large chain hotel takes time. The request has to go through several approval tiers, where it may or may not get vetoed by upper management, or where it may potentially get shelved for years.

Not really suitable for the average traveller who prefers things to be a bit more personable, for sure.

At the Melita, we work hard to make sure you’re always seen as a person, not as just another number or tick in the books. Our staff work hard to make sure your needs are met during your stay.

If you need something special during your stay, we encourage you to let us know in advance. We’ll do our best to make it happen as long as it’s feasible to do so. Consider us your family-away-from-home while you’re with us.

Need something special? Just ask us!

The Melita Hotel London

Location, Location, Location

Many of London’s chain hotels are located in easily accessible areas, but sometimes, these locations leave much to be desired for valiant explorers who want to adventure out on foot. Being close to the airport or across town may allow you to check in faster, but what about when it’s time to venture out on your own? How easy will it be to find all of London’s most special hidden gems?

Our little family-run hotel is located in the downtown core, too, but it’s tucked into an area of Pimlico that’s steeped in history. We’re also just steps away from the Thames, picnic parks, museums, and some of London’s finest pubs. This makes The Melita especially suitable for anyone who wants to experience the rich history of Westminster, or England in general, first-hand.

The Melita Hotel London

Access to Knowledge and Guidance

At a chain hotel, it can be very difficult to find someone to help you find your way through London. Many offer pre-paid, pre-set tours, but these can be expensive and they often don’t allow for much in the way of self-driven adventure or wandering off to inspect something interesting along the way.

This kind of service really just doesn’t cater to the individual, it caters to the masses instead.

That’s fine if you’re the type of person who wants your itinerary laid out for you in advance, but if you prefer to explore London at your own pace, an independent hotel like ours is the way to go.

Our staff live, breath, and experience London, Pimlico, and greater Westminster every single day. Many of us have experience with everything from the local architecture to the history of buildings like Westminster Cathedral. All you need to do is ask, and we’ll help you find the local’s favourite pub, the best art museums, where to see a show, or even where to find the best spa services, should that be your preference.

We’ve spent years building close relationships with a wide variety of local businesses, with the understanding that they, too, want to make your experience in London pleasant. These relationships are built on our own personal experiences with each business.

The result?

When we recommend a restaurant, club, or location, we really believe it will make you happy.

The Melita Hotel London


Unlike massive 5-star chain hotels, independent hotels like us strive to find ways to make your experience not only enjoyable, but affordable. Instead of packing services you may never use during your stay into a high overnight fee, we provide you with everything you do need and adjust the price to match. This is especially helpful if you plan to stay for an extended period of time, or more than about three days.

Because prices are often set at the highest level for chain hotels, guests sometimes run into a situation where they are paying for so many services, they couldn’t possibly ever have time to use them all during their stay. That means you’re paying money for something you may or may not use, which just isn’t an efficient way to budget your money.

Where most independent hotels excel here relates back to the fact that we have the flexibility focus on what’s most important to our guests. We provide everything most mid-range chain hotels provide at a basic level without any of the extraneous fluff you don’t really want.

It’s affordable, inviting, friendly, and most importantly, doesn’t sacrifice what’s most important to most of our guests–clean, comfortable rooms in an excellent location.

Should you decide you want extra services, we’ll liaison with you to make connections right in the community and do our best to find you the most indulgent spa services, the best fine dining, theatre, or even just a reliable massage therapist to help unwind the kinks left over from your last business meeting.

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