NYE In London – Hello 2017

You won’t find many bigger celebrations in the world than New Years Eve in London.  Whether you’re visiting from the other side of the world or just another part of the UK, London is definitely one of the best places to see in the New Year.


New Years in London is carefully prepared and months in the planning which is why the whole city rocks with with the sound of partying on this night.  From the obvious and spectacular fireworks display on the Thames to the less obvious niche events and simple street parties, London certainly has a lot to offer on this night.


But before we celebrate the New Year, it may be worth remembering that London is the place where time began.  Not literally of course but Greenwich Mean Time was the first standard time by which all clocks in the world were once set, so we have it to thank for when we celebrate New Years Eve.   A visit to the Meridian Line at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich Park will allow you to stand on Longitude 0°.


The Royal Observatory is located in the beautiful Greenwich Park.  As well as seeing the Meridian Line you can also visit the National Maritime Museum and London’s only planetarium.  The journey to Greenwich from The Melita Hotel can also be turned into an experience.  Simply get the tube to Tower Hill station, from there it’s a short walk to Tower Pier where you can catch a boat on the Thames, all the way to Greenwich Pier.


Now we’ve got the New Years Eve sightseeing sorted it’s time to party!  It is now the norm for major cities around the world to celebrate New Years Eve with a huge display of fireworks and London is certainly no exception.  Since 2000, London has hosted a dramatic display on the River Thames, but due to its popularity since 2015 this has been a ticketed affair, with all the best spots on the river requiring paid entry.


However, fireworks are very difficult to hide completely and from your base at The Melita you’ll be able to find some great spots to see them for free!


The most stunning view of central London can be enjoyed from Primrose Hill, located at the north end of Regents Park.  As long as it’s not a foggy night you are guaranteed a fantastic view of the whole display, for nothing!  From your room at the Melita Hotel you could be there in less than twenty minutes!  Which also means that you can be tucked up in your comfy bed twenty minutes after you call it a night!  Simply take the tube from Victoria Underground Station to either Chalk Farm or Swiss Cottage Underground stations.


Other free places to catch a glimpse of the fireworks are St Paul’s Cathedral, Mansion House and Cannon Street, all with easy access from The Melita.


Looking for the ultimate London fireworks experience?  If you’re happy to spend a bit of money for an exclusive ticket then you could be in for a treat.  A treat that is less than a twenty minute walk from the Melita (and let’s face it, a walk at the end of a night of celebration might not be such a bad thing!).


The tickets by the Thames may be sold out but that’s not necessarily the best paid for view of the fireworks.  It certainly isn’t the most comfortable view!  That accolade surely belongs to London’s Sky Bar.  Offering 360° views across the capital, this surely is one of the most special places to see in the New Year.  Tickets don’t come cheap, but the knowledge that you can you can walk back to your comfy bed at The Melita is priceless.


Of course the Sky Bar isn’t the only venue that is hosting a New Years Eve party.  London has thousands of clubs, bars and restaurants where you can see in 2017, some you can walk into for nothing, some you’ll pay on the door and others you’ll have to book well in advance.  What you can be guaranteed though is that every taste and every age group is catered for and that every one will be just a public transport ride away from your family friendly Melita Hotel.


One event that does deserve a special mention however, is the Vintage New Years Eve Party taking place at the Royal Festival Hall.  This is a very special event with six pop up night clubs over five floors covering all styles of vintage music from the 1920s right through to the 1990s.  There’s also a hair and beauty salon, ensuring that you look your best for the on-site photo studios.  There’s even a private terrace overlooking the Thames from where you have an unforgettable view of the fireworks.  You can even book a meal for earlier in the night, lining your stomach for the inevitable fizz at midnight.


The Royal Festival Hall is just 10-15 minutes away from The Melita.


How about the most simple idea of all for New Year?  Have a wander.  It’s as simple as it sounds. Have a drink at one of the many pubs nearby, literally every nook and cranny in London will be filled with people and goings on, and an old city like London has many nooks and crannies.  Pop into pubs along the way if you like, find a seat in a park or fight your way through the crowds at Trafalgar Square, everywhere you look people will be celebrating.

The tubes in London are completely free from 11:45pm on New Years Eve through to 3am on New Years Day.

If you’re looking to spend some time in London this January, we are offering huge discounts throughout the month and into early February when you book direct. We are doing some updates to the property and will re-open our doors January 6th.


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